Luca Ciro takes his first step onto the scene with his debut single “MAD MAX”, sequentially landing an opening act spot at Olive Amun’s show titled “The Blueprint”.

Luca’s debut sparks a bright future for the young man about to venue into the hip hop trasosphere. The new track “MAD MAX”, blends an uptempo and forceful hip-hop beat with a subtle rock influence in Luca’s vocals. Lyrically the single is wildly imaginative and will resonate to the ones who are patient enough to listen to the very end. Spilt into two parts, the first section of the track is about overcoming feelings for someone who can’t be rescued from their own darkness, calling on the metaphor of ‘leaving someone at the lights’, advocating Luca is moving on from the situation.

In the second half of the song, Luca puts his foot on the gas with no intention of applying the brakes. A hard beat switch entails an even harder ‘machine-gun’ flow, leaving the listener wondering if he will ever slow down. The track summarised as a whole is an allegory for a car, symbolising the action of speeding off from “a problem”, and a fast flow that rivals the car’s speed.

“MAD MAX” is produced by Luca Ciro, and mixed/mastered by both himself and Thomas Keyte. Luca states,“I wrote Mad Max after watching my dad working on his old Ford muscle car. It led me to perceive myself in the original movie Mad Max (which is a classic by the way). As it happened, at the same time I was experiencing some issues with a girl. I suddenly felt a sense of loneliness and an urge to run away from the problem, so I symbolised the car as my vessel that allowed me to leave my issues for dust”.

Luca Ciro’s “Mad Max” made its radio debut on Triple J Unearthed, accumulating multiple positive reviews from listeners and the Triple J team themselves. “MAD MAX” also peaked

at #3 on the weekly Triple J HIP HOP Top 100 charts; and #26 on the weekly Triple J Top 100 charts.

With a plethora of songs in the vault, Luca is just getting started.