Hailing from Melbourne/Canberra, The Royal Belgian Conspiracy present their new single “The Truckin’ Thing” being the fourth single from their upcoming debut album ‘Ghosts & Whispers’.

“The Truckin” Thing is funky roots driven tune full of percussive zip, with a touch of The Cruel Sea and the John Butler Trio about it. The lyrics follows the life of “Truck Man” as he swaggers through life doing the “Truckin’ Thing”.

The genesis of the song emerged when lead singer Moozy and a friend had an impromptu session of sitting around the lounge room writing throwaway joke songs.

Moozy elaborates “The one line that stuck in my head from our session was doing ‘the truckin thing’. I played with it, and a new song emerged and took a life of its own. It’s a song to give you energy, a song to bop to when you’re driving down the highway or to get dressed to before heading for night out. It’s designed to get you moving and put a smile on your face. It’s always a favorite at our live shows”

“The Truckin’ Thing” is well poised to build upon the success of The Royal Belgian Conspiracy’s first three singles and highlights Moozy’s diversity as a songwriter. Outside Australia, previous singles have received support on major radio stations such as BBC6 and NDR 2 (Germany / 2,600,000 listeners per day).

No stranger to the industry, Moozy’s father was a ‘one hit wonder’ in Belgium with single “Savez-Vous Danser Sans Souliers” which translates to “Can You Dance Without Shoes”. Moozy grew up with his father walking around the house playing his guitar and mumbling melodies as he worked on his latest song. However, after his hit single, his father never released another track. Unfortunately, the record company dismissed the song he wrote as a follow-up single.

With The Truckin’ Thing’, Moozy de-thrones his one-hit-wonder father and Moozy takes his place amongst royalty. The Truckin’ Thing will be released across all digital platforms on June 6.