Hansaa x soso video clip to be featured on ABC TV's Rage & MTV's 'Upload'

Hansaa x soso video clip to be featured on ABC TV's Rage & MTV's 'Upload'

Electronic newcomer Hansaa, otherwise known as Vinay Matta, has been honing his craft as a producer and producer in Los Angeles for the past two years; but he has finally announced his debut single Need To Know, coproduced with LA-based production duo soso and featuring the stirring vocals of Oliver Tank, set for release on August 11. The impressive debut is complemented by a deeply affecting video buoyed by an intense narrative drenched in regret and toxicity, and sure to set tongues wagging.

Need To Know follows in the footsteps of its electronic predecessors in James Blake and Clams Casino, yet there’s a fragility in the production that seems uniquely Hansaa; understated, subtle and buoyant, synthesisers layer themselves comfortably beneath Tank’s emotive vocal.

Filmed and directed by Independent Belgian film maker Julien Pircher, the clip for Need To Know is set in a smokey, dangerous world; with each watch, further insight can be gained from its powerful plot. For the most part, the audience is encouraged to interpret the story for themselves, but there is no doubt this story is dark – a light is shone upon human relationships, the beauty and the hardship, and the sometimes terrifying nature of mental illness. Matta explains, “The music video is a story of regret. The subject matter behind it is rather serious and deep. It draws off Oliver’s lyric in the track ‘if I put up shots they’ll fall down’…The film revolves around the concepts of death and suicide, with the metaphor of the gun at the beginning and end of the film.”

You can watch the TV premiere on both ABC TV's Rage or MTV's "Upload".

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