Devoted to fabricating the return of the cassette tape, The Leers have created some impressive ‘alt rock’ that leaves you sitting pretty. These four young guys from across the ditch all grew up in Mount Maunganui, started a band and moved up to Auckland a couple of years ago, in the meantime playing shows with the likes of Cut Off Your Hands, Two Cartoons, Clap Clap Riot and Collapsing Cities, as well as holding a #1 single on bFM's Top10.

The new single, I Can’t Cope, sees The Leers show a sparse funk inspired sound courtesy of a cool bass line, quick spitting in the verses and stacking of vocals in the chorus. The irony that I Can’t Cope deals with anxiety is not lost here, and the cool exterior the band put on makes the experience all the more vibrant. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the brilliant video for the song, it AMAZING! – (hhhhappy)

“I Can’t Cope” is a song written about an obvious subject matter that, statistically, 8 Million Australians (*arguable) will be able to relate to. Getting ‘high’ as hell and suffering immense paranoia at your inability to operate within a social situation.

I Can’t Cope was, however, written stone cold sober in a DIY converted basement/studio underneath their rented flat (don’t tell the landlord).

“We’d just finished writing this catchy, hip-hop kind of beat and we just wanted to write about the paranoia that always accompanied smoking weed. It always felt like such a judgmental and stereotypical subject, but it was quite a relief to put it out there and write about. ” – Matt Bidois of The Leers.