Stationed directly at the intersection of Rock N' Roll and Americana, SAENTS poises for the release of 'Deetjen Blues' bringing his soulful vocals and riff-fueled guitar to Australia.

Accomplished songwriter and guitarist Rett Smith formed the band SAENTS off an inclination towards heavier, grittier, more visceral grooves working with longtime producer, 9x GRAMMY Award-winning founder of Ruffhouse Records Joe Nicolo (Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Fugees) to maintain the essence that this brand of Rock N' Roll is as resolute as its creator and his experiences.

Smith's craftsmanship and natural ability to coat topics of recovery, vulnerability, depression and transformation in pervasive riffs has earned him praise from Billboard, Gibson, New Noise Magazine, Alternative Press, Paste and more.

On Deetjen Blues there is an aged wisdom to Smith's songwriting, largely due to the band's recent nomadic tendencies.

Rett's story didn't start with the guitar though. For the first 20 years of his life he travelled the globe as a top Alpine Skier; a Junior Olympic medal winning Alpine Skier! It was after a bad fall that he thought about following his other passion, the one least likely to cause concussions and broken bones. He picked up the guitar and started to write songs. These songs landed Rett a spot at the prestigious Berkeley School of Music, but he opted for a life on the road.

The band has roots in some of the biggest music cities in the US, Nashville, Los Angeles and Texas, all adding a restless magnetic energy to its rock and conveys the relatable, ever-present feelings of needing to keep moving in order to create, evolve and ultimately heal.