We were asked to make a press release.

It’s pretty hard because what we do isn’t about us, but here’s a try.

Our debut EP in 2019, “Kingston”, was pretty successful on US College Radio. It received airplay in Australia on of the major radio station, Triple J.

We have been hard at work since, a little distracted by life, but finally are now releasing the first single “Why Do You Care?” from our debut album - which will come out around September 2021.

Our music is about the most amazing gear. The best analogue synths like the ARP Omni II – designed to replace the string orchestra (it didn’t work!) but is now used by many iconic groups such as The War on Drugs (but we had it first). Amazing fender guitars, Matchless Spitfire amplifiers, EvenTide pedals, and a beautiful recording environment at our Secret Garden Studios.

One of our guys, Tim, had a pretty big involvement in one of Australia’s Triple J Hottest 100 of the Decade Top 10 songs – so he at least is legit. So is the Mastering Engineer Will who has looked after all manner of cool bands including Turnover and others.

We are really proud of this single – and the rest of the album (yet to be named) which is coming out very soon.

We hope that you like it.

Here’s what we do know about Restless Minds… they are a two-piece music group, hailing from the ACT, Australia. God only knows if we are remotely close in our assumption, but they are definitely from Australia. What we also know is that Matt from Restless Minds is hell bent on being as anonymous as possible. He clearly stated to us that, “we want to create an element of mystery and anticipation, and to be honest we don’t want attention, or to flash ARIA awards or anything like that – just let the music and the story speak for itself.”

Theoretically, withholding the identity of a musician is an admirable one. It follows the idea that art should exist in a vacuum, unblemished by those who make it. Particularly in this day and age where the internet has made musicians’ public lives so much more accessible: judge the art, not the artist.

Since we don’t know anything else about Restless MInds, we should ask ourselves why they exist and what they’re trying to accomplish from the music — nothing else. Although you many initially assume that

anonymity is simply a cheap gimmick, we urge you to judge the talent behind the music, instead of the face at the forefront. Go ahead and judge the art, not the artist, because at the end of the day…only you the listener controls the process of making meaning from this art…it’s entirely your (the listeners’) hands.