OPSHOP are a four piece rock band from Auckland, New Zealand that have released two albums, YOU ARE HERE and SECOND HAND PLANET.

YOU ARE HERE was released in 2004 and achieved platinum status in New Zealand on the back of a steady stream of high rotate singles. Songs like “No Ordinary Thing” “Secrets” “Levitate” and “Saturated” won favour across both major and independent radio formats alike, quickly entering New Zealand’s musical lexicon.

The critical and commercial success of YOU ARE HERE provided a promising platform for SECOND HAND PLANET to build on this momentum, and the results now speak for themselves.

Since being released in April 2007, SECOND HAND PLANET has been a steady selling success, enjoying a continuous presence in the NZ Top 40 Album Chart for well over a year. The album hit the number one spot in its thirty second week of release… beating out the debut week of a band called Radiohead in the process!

SECOND HAND PLANET has now hit triple platinum, thanks to the wide spread appeal of one of New Zealand’s most popular bands, the radio play of two massive singles “Maybe” and One Day”, and live shows that win rave reviews:

“Like our answer to Coldplay and U2, they play big, rousing pop songs with the beef to fill a stadium and the sentiment to back an Oxfam campaign.” NZ Herald 2007

OPSHOP are widely regarded as one of the finest musical talents to emerge in recent years and their awards success in 2008 sums it all up, with four NZ Music Awards and the APRA Silver Scroll for NZ's song of the year as voted by their peers.

The plan is to hit the studio towards the middle of 2009 to record the follow up to SECOND HAND PLANET, so all we can say is “watch this space”.


Jason Kerrison - Vocals | Guitars | Keyboards

Matt Treacy - Guitars | Backing Vocals

Clint Harris - Bass Guitar | Backing Vocals

Bobby Kennedy - Drums

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