Australian singer-songwriter and original Hi-5 cast member of the much-loved Children’s show Hi-5, Nathan Foley announces his return to music with a new single, “She Devil”. The pop/rock driven single is a cheeky dance anthem, making no apologies for being a rock driven dance floor hit and offers an insight in a new music direction for the much-loved singer.

Foley said of the song, “This is a dance song, its tongue-in-cheek and ultimately it’s about a relationship experience”. This return to music for Foley is in his words, “Like letting an animal out of the cage”. Fans have grown up with “Nathan from Hi-5”, they have followed him and he has followed them. This single, the first of three, sets the tone for Foley’s style and fans can look forward to a diverse line up of tracks from the songwriter’s plethora of material. “It’s always a nerve-wracking experience letting new songs out into the world after they have been part of your internal space for so long. But I am looking forward to finally releasing this new music, followed soon after with a tour and an opportunity to play live. I look forward to getting out in front of an audience very soon,” said Nathan.

Foleys song writing is rock/pop/dance, INXS meets Stevie Wonder meets Diesel. Sometimes sexy and sometimes heartfelt , but always with Nathan’s signature passion for song writing and performance.

Sydney based Foley is now signed to StudioBox Creative and has completed three singles with Welsh music producer Greg Haver at Neil Finns legendary Roundhead Studios in Auckland, NZ. The full album will be completed in the coming months with a release set for late 2020/early 2021. Haver is famed for his work with Manic Street Preachers and Melanie C as well as numerous gold and platinum albums.

Nathan will also release an official music video for “She Devil” via YouTube, shot in isolation during the Covid-19 lockdown. Details for the video release will be announced across his social media channels.