Some bands claim to be rock but couldn’t drink their way out of a brown paper bag. Not 28 Days…

In fact, heroin overdoses, outrageous hair, staying up way late and posting mood updates on facebook are all in a days work for these seasoned, yet viciously hip, professionals…..stylists barely have to lift a finger!

28 Days are back in town with a brand-new song.

In keeping in touch with popular trends the guys have sent millions of $$$ overseas hiring the actual flat where Iggy Pop (reportedly, chuffed after having just invented ‘playing in ripped jeans and no top’) spent a night during a 3 day bender, to write and record their latest single ‘Sing it to Me’. The result was well worth it!

They couldn’t be happier with the song although production-wise they were less than happy. “It was meant to sound like it was recorded inside a garage, in a huge empty hall made of tin,” screamed Jay at the listening party and the band refused to pay the producer any more than a million. Here’s what 28 days had to say…

“We spent every cent we had to make it sound like we aren’t trying too hard” – Jay Dunne

“It f#cken cost HOW MUCH?!!!!” – Simon Hepburn

“I still think it sounds over-produced.” – Adrian Griffin

“When are Oasis gonna put out something new?” – Damian Gardiner

28 Days-‘ Sing It to Me ‘is a blend of vocals, drums, and two different kinds of guitar that makes sounds that are designed, by NASA, to go straight into your ears (if played at an audible volume) to create happiness and a thirst for beers. You can’t ask for more than that! Here’s what a panel of experts had to say.

“I am both thirsty and happy after hearing that song” – target demographic 15-35’s


Of course all of this is bullshit. We recorded with Richard Stolz at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne early 2010. Production is excellent and we will be paying the full fee. We are a real rock band but we don’t take heroin and think Facebook is a disease.

ENJOY 28 Days

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