“Love Like That (Words From Her)” is the latest release from upcoming pop prince, Suriel Hess. Leaving behind his life in Oregon to road trip in an RV to pursue his dreams as a musician, Suriel has made incredible leaps as an artist with each of his previous releases growing in recognition and momentum alike.

The story of “Love Like That (Words From Her)” is a heartwarming tale capturing raw emotion....and it all happened by chance. Suriel has been slowly growing his following on TikTok over the past year, but what happened with this moment is sure to stick in your memory. The scene: Suriel is at a park with his girlfriend and asked her to give him random words to freestyle to. What happened next was pure magic, as Suriel created a beautiful story with amazing melodies in a spur of the moment. The video has since gained 28.9 million views across both Instagram Reels and TikTok. Once the team recognized the traction, a decision had to be made, should it be turned into a full song? Two days after the original video was released, Suriel was in the studio with friend and collaborator Jack LaFrantz to create a song around the lines he had freestyle, showcasing his talent and songwriting ability for all those who watched along for the journey.

The song came out April 22, 2022 on all platforms, earning Suriel support on Spotify’s New Music Friday, Sad Hour, Chill Pop, Sad Bops, and Next Gen Singer Songwriters among others. He also received incredible support from Apple Music’s New Music Daily, In My Room, Pop Chill, and New in Singer-Songwriter. Since its release, the song has been streamed 1.8 million times across DSPs.