Australian artists Justin Webber and Tom Fublé are ready to take on the world with their new release “This Is Love”.

Sydney based singer songwriter/guitarist Justin Webber and artist/producer Tom Fublé are no strangers to creating singles that attract the attention of millions of fans worldwide. Webber’s previous single “Give Me Your Love” featured in Italy’s hit TV series ‘DayDreamer’. Fans scrambled to their phones to Shazam the song they had just heard on Italy’s most watched channel.

Fublé’s single “Feel Your High” features on BBC Radio, one of the most popular programs in the UK with listeners from all over the globe.

Webber and Fublé are self-made and independent artists. Both have created their musical paths on their own terms without music booking agents, publicists, or music publishing managers. Their journey has created a blueprint for developing artists who aspire to have their music heard by listeners across the globe.

“This is Love” describes two different stories about finding love, diving headfirst into the universal emotion.

Webber and Fublé describe the song as exploring different experiences, and emotions while navigating the journey between two people who are coming to the realization that they are falling in love. You never truly know who or how you are going to fall in love, there usually comes a defining point in the love journey that you come to the realisation - “baby I guess this is love.”

“The thing that makes falling in love so intangible and yet, so electrifying is that the feelings evolve and intensify over time. You also never really love the same way twice!”

The idea for collaboration between Webber and Fublé started in 2020. Webber stumbled across a fun uplifting melody for the verses using the same chord arrangement. This ultimately changed the whole song. The song then earnt itself its current title "This Is Love”.

“Funnily enough this song was initially called “Without You” in its embryonic days. The melody resurfaced when we started fleshing out the arrangement, only to learn that nothing was really working for our verses to fit the refrain’s energy and lyrics, which were a tad melancholic.”

Webber and Fublé produced the whole song in their home studio over 10 sessions. They then sent the track to Studio 301 where it was mixed by Simon Cohen and mastered by Leon Zervos.

The new single “This is Love” is out now. Keep an eye out for upcoming performance dates and venues where you can see and hear “This Is Love” live.