Melbourne based band Voyager Run have been collaborating and experimenting on music since 2015. The trio of Ben, Brad and Connor all share a passion for cinematic film scores and 80s synthesiser sounds, leading to the cinematic indie-pop mash that is the sound of Voyager Run.

Heavily inspired by the likes of Bon Iver, Peter Gabriel, M83 and Ben Gibbard, the trio like to create a fusion of eclectic, orchestrated sound and massive synths; utilising a theme of youth, space and escapism with intimate and expressive lyrics. Their first single, "Artificial Light", explores the power of the voice of the youth, expressing this with help from the Young Voices of Melbourne Choir.

Connor from the band states, "From the outset, we knew that this song would have to be about hope and about growth, and about finding light within people wherever you go. We loved the idea of writing a song about empowering the youth to this level of hope, as it's a topic that not many current bands utilise in their songs. The final piece of the song was getting the Young Voices of Melbourne Choir to take part in the recording, giving Artificial Light an anthemic edge.