Marking a new height for the singer-songwriter, “Sweetness” features lilting acoustic guitar, atmospheric swells and an arrangement that’s practically begging to be belted out at one of Newling’s raucous live shows.

The slow-burning track may begin with nothing but a tenderly finger-picked guitar, but it explodes into an epic singalong before all is said and done. Throughout, Newling’s instantly recognisable voice –– raspy, dynamic, world-weary –– shines as the story of “Sweetness” unfolds.

"Sweetness was a little ditty I wrote as an apology to a friend of mine,” says Newling on the track’s origins. “We are very similar and both so stubborn and sensitive that whenever we give each other the shits, we’ll never say sorry. Instead, we write songs to each other.”

As it turns out, what started as an audio-apology may have ended up being Newling’s finest moment of heartfelt songwriting yet. Across 4 minutes and 30 seconds, the track gradually unfolds and takes the listener through the dynamic highs and lows of a relationship in turmoil––before revealing the grace of forgiveness as closure is found.

“I wrote this tune and it wasn’t till months later I was singing it to myself and just happened to have a harmonica in my hand,” continues Newling. “It was at that moment that I thought, ‘Shit, I’ve got a song here.’"

Often found as a key collaborator for artists including Ruby Fields, Adam Newling is now stepping out with a voice and musicality all of his own. Taking inspiration from country, rock, folk and confessional songwriting––his intoxicating mix of influences make “Sweetness” a must-add to playlists around the country.