After releasing his last single “Buckle Up” in March this

year, Yaw Faso is following things up with “Reassurance”. This time around Yaw Faso teamed up with producer and singer Jyayo, who has previously worked with the likes of 070 Treee Safari, Jaspa and 070 Malick, and it’s not the first time this artist-producer combo has come together to create a concoction of sounds.

“Reassurance” sounds like summer - bright and driven by melodies with its focus being on vocals. Yaw Faso naturally finds his groove on afro-beat/ dancehall tracks and took a fresh approach when writing this song after a period of being in his father’s land of Ghana, where he was able to reflect on relationships and other intricacies in his life.

“Reassurance” is a song about the different challenges in a relationship, namely when insecurities are fed by a sense of intuition driven by the complexities of reality. Yaw Faso’s delivery captures this concept within us all, offering reassurance that confidence can be discovered from nurturing yourself.

Yaw is known for his live performances, captivating crowds all across Australia and New Zealand where he has shared the stage with some of Australia’s freshest talent, and also has multiple shows lined up now that he’s back in town.

There is much more in the works for Yaw Faso, now that he has a fresh perspective to scribe a new chapter through his musical endeavours.