Not since Flume and Chet Faker, or Drake and 40, has a producer and vocalist complemented each other so impeccably.

Above a shimmering ocean of synthesizers, “True North” is a vivid and dazzling, beacon, illuminating the desolate night sky. Born from the harmonious union of two of Australia’s most distinctive musical perspectives, True North finds Ninajirachi’s lush retro production, flawlessly contoured around Kota Bank’s intimate vocals.

“True North feels like the perfect encapsulation of both our solo music and our collaborative work together. The basis of the track came together very naturally over a few hours one afternoon in the studio mid-late last year. It really feels like a medley of different styles that we both love so much.”

A seven track odyssey, True North is a true best-of-both-worlds collaborative project, carefully crafted from start to finish by two young women. Floating atop Nina’s vivid and visceral instrumentals, Kota’s merciless melodies and delivery combine effortlessly to create an aural rabbit hole. From the neon synthesizers of ‘True North’, to the wonderpop soundscape of ‘Middle Of The Night’, each song exists in it’s own distinctive sonic world, creating a listening experience that is akin to playing through a video game from start to finish.

Formed in a neon afterglow, “True North” is the guiding light of their collaborative energies, not the ultimate destination.

Ninajirachi - the upstart producer whose unique sense of rhythm and synth selection has seen her hand picked to remix the likes of Hermitude, Anna Lunoe, deadmau5 & The Neptunes, and tour alongside What So Not, FOMO Festival and more.

Kota Banks - the pop prodigy with an unmistakable voice and sixth sense for compelling lyrics, who’s written and recorded with Cashmere Cat, Flume and Sophie.