Party starters, dance floor curators, and all-round good time duo Korky Buchek are back releasing music after a brief hiatus to focus inwards rather than outwards. Building community once again and finding the right collaborators to bring their visions to life. The results are a backlog of incredible music that’s ready to shake the ground beneath our feet and have seas of people singing along in a state of glee. Kicking off this series of new music is “On My Mind”, coming out October 27th through Believe.

“It was a lull for Korky, there was no inspiration, and the tunes were low, and I had heard Gazal do a track with our friend Bobby Gray that inspired me, so I thought I’d get her in for a session. Peter was running around all day and not super interested in making music that day, but I managed to wrangle him in for a few hours and we made the whole song of this fresh synth they had just purchased. After a few more sittings cooking the song, a banger was well and truly born.” - Tom Elliott from Korky Buchek

After the highly successful Look @ Me release, which is tracking towards 1,000,000 streams, official remixes for Evie Irie and Otis Redding, and being incredibly busy producing for half of Australia’s hip hop scene, including the likes of Big Skeez, Liyah Knight, Sofiyah, Madame Empress, Lil Spacely, Gold Fang, Dante Knows, and many more, plus growing Bodega Collective + Studios. Now they’re back feeling inspired by the sounds of the electronic, channeling some serious summer energy for a string of big releases.

You can catch them on December 2nd at Tokyo Sing Song for a Korky Buchek & Friends party, which is synonymous with a good time. As Korky Buchek continue to grow their community, their sound can only continue to follow.