Dateline: 10th August 2010

Location: Earth

Personnel: Joshua Fountain / Ashley Hughes / Matthew Neshat

Mission: Ghost featuring Dan Black

When we last caught up with the intrepid inter-galactical pop visionaries Kidz in Space it was

exactly one year ago. The trio had landed on earth in early 2009 after a chance encounter

somewhere beyond the edge of this galaxy, and after discovery a mutual interest in hooks,

lasers and digital drums they vowed to fuse their talents in music.

Within six months their first creation Episode 001: Chasing Hayley had been conceived, honed

and released. They had sensed that Planet Earth was a location likely to be receptive to their

astral synthesisers and futuristic rap. That intuition was proven correct when the single

‘Downtime’ managed to infiltrate the top 20 charts of their new home territory, New Zealand, an

isolated island nation where their activities were less likely to be detected by the agencies

tasked with thwarting their sound.

After the release of a second volley from the collection entitled ‘Lose My Cool’, they received

notice that their true alien identities were dangerously close to discovery, and thus returned to ground, plotting a triumphant, dazzling re-emergence. That time is nearly upon us, and the invaders have chosen to unleash the single Ghost on an unsuspecting public. To further

indicate the borderlessness of their mission they have enlisted the talents of Dan Black - a

‘wonky’ singer from London, England - alongside remixes by the mysterious True Tiger dubstep crew, and fruity New Yorker Sammy Bananas.

The package has already generated acclaim from as far away as the United Kingdom, Canada

and the United States, while in New Zealand C4 responded by naming it their Record of the

Week. All this has helped exponentially raise expectations and anticipation for their debut

album, also entitled Ghost, which has now been scheduled for delivery to their public on

October 18 via MTC, the agency tasked with handling the space travellers musical output

around the world. Consider this a warning.