"It’s one of those “made on my laptop in shitsville Australia” songs, and is consequently amazing!”

Kickin The Peanuts. Boston,USA

"A big brilliant party record" Popjustice, U.K

"It's really kinda awesome. Although it does remind me of those Russian lesbians" Beat Magazine

Shitsville Australia? Russian lesbians? Brilliant party music? Perfect!

Born For The Nightlife is the first single from Declan and The Antics' eponymous debut album. It's a genre- bending disco synth wig-out. A story of lust, debauchery, questionable decisions and the inevitable "fuck it let's just party!” mentality that makes a Saturday night what it should be.

Taking inspiration from the best part of his teen years spent witnessing and partaking in anything that kept a smile on the dial, twenty year old Declan Palmer put together the tracks on his lap-top. Next, armed with computer, keyboard and Flying-V guitar, Declan hauled ass to Andy Baldwin (KRAM, The Cat Empire, Dash & Will) to bring his little monsters to life. Magoo (Regurgitator, Spiderbait, End Of Fashion), DENZAL PARK and The Aston Shuffle also got a look in and so ladies and gents, here it is in all its pageantry and glory, Born For The Nightlife.

And to top it off, add to the mix one of the most flamboyant and groundbreaking film clips you’re likely to see this year. Using a thermal imaging camera which displays images based on temperature not light (it's the same crazy technology that detects bombs in terrorists undies!) acclaimed Australian music video director Natasha Pincus (Inside Film Award for Best Music Video 2007 for Paul Kelly’s God Told Me To ) got a pile of kids to thrash around the pool, throw icy cold drinks and flash numerous body parts so that when they got all hot and sweaty well the camera let us know all about it. You gotta see it to believe it.

Born For The Nightlife is out NOW.

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Born For The Nightlife