Dynamic and electrifying country music band Hurricane Fall, break new ground with their latest single “Hoedown”.

Embracing a transformative change in direction, while adding a fusion of traditional and contemporary influences, “Hoedown” showcases Hurricane Fall’s captivating melodies and introspective lyrics. Taking listeners through an enthralling journey of uncharted musical territories, the new song symbolizes a compelling evolution for Hurricane Fall’s sound.

Hailing from Newcastle NSW, Hurricane Fall is led by two charismatic front men in Pepper Deroy and Jesse Vee. Their sibling like harmonic blend, combined with the band's exceptional musicianship, creates a musical experience that resonates with fans from all walks of life. The band members, Luke Wheeldon (Lead Guitar), Lachlan” Dusty” Coffey( drums/percussion) and Tim Hickey (Guitar, Keys), share an undeniable chemistry on stage, bringing their individual talents together to create a cohesive and dynamic sound.

From heartfelt lyrics to catchy melodies, and rich harmonies, their music reflects the experiences, emotions, and stories of everyday life. Whether it's a tender ballad that tugs at the heartstrings or an energetic anthem that gets the crowd on their feet, Hurricane Fall's songs are crafted to leave a lasting impact.

With a growing fan base and an impressive list of accomplishments under their belt, Hurricane Fall has been making waves in the country music scene. They have performed at renowned venues, festivals, and events, while joining forces with the legendary Lee Kernaghan in late 2022, creating an explosive live experience. Their combined talents and electrifying stage presence create a night of unforgettable entertainment for fans of all ages.