Emerging country artist Brittany Maggs is thrilled to be releasing original music, with a distinct new feel to her latest song, “Carefree”.

“Carefree” marks a return to Brittany’s roots in country music, with its heartfelt lyrics and infectious chorus. The song’s title sets the tone for the track.

On her new single, Brittany says “Carefree tells the story about when a relationship ends and you just want to have fun and live life to its fullest. The lyrics ‘that promise, you broke it’ are so relatable because we’re all human, people make mistakes, and it’s about living through the tough times, knowing that you’re going to be ok. There’s a freedom and lightness when something ends and I hope that everyone listening can join me in embracing a carefree spirit.”

The accompanying music video, shot by award winning Tribal Apes, continues the theme and features Brittany performing from her heart. A country girl at heart, Brittany grew up in Sydney’s North West and loves spending time on the family property with her horses.

After spending four years in Los Angeles developing her sound, Brittany decided it was time to come home to Sydney, where she has since been working on her original music. She recently performed at the Tamworth Country Music Festival and opened for the McAllister Kemp Tour earlier this year.

Brittany is excited to share “Carefree” with her growing fanbase, following the release of her earlier singles, “Reasons” (2019), “Lazy Boy” (2019) and “Underneath The Sheets” (2020). The 22-year-old has gained an impressive following on social media, boasting more than 40 million views on YouTube and more than 380,000 fans on TikTok.

Brittany Maggs’ new song ‘Carefree’ is out Friday 29 July. https://ffm.to/carefreesingle


● Over 40 million YouTube views

● Played Tamworth Country Music Festival 2022

● Opened for McAllister Kemp Tour May 2022

● More than 380,000 TikTok followers