After Platinum Records, the esteemed record label and artist development company, proudly announces the signing of rising country artist Alex Mather. With a track record of nurturing and propelling numerous platinum-selling artists, writers, and producers, and boasting collaborations with industry powerhouses such as Drake, Diddy, and Lil Wayne, After Platinum is now venturing into the world of country music by joining forces with the exceptionally gifted Alex Mather. After Platinum's CEO, Ernie Romero, shared enthusiastic remarks regarding the signing of Alex Mather, stating, "Alex is an exceptional talent that rarely emerges —a rare convergence of remarkable talents, unwavering work ethic, and boundless ambition. We are absolutely thrilled to introduce his extraordinary gifts to the world and embark on this remarkable journey together."

Alex Mather, the rising star from Australia, has taken his music career to new heights producing three consecutive hits. Building on this incredible success, he has now exhilarated fans by announcing the release of his highly anticipated debut EP, titled "The Long Way Home." The EP showcases Alex's unique artistry and undeniable talent, capturing the essence of country music while bringing his own flair to the genre. The EP features his latest single, "By My Side," which follows Alex's debut single, "That Summer." The latter has already garnered tremendous excitement within the country music community, quickly approaching 1,000,000 streams.

Alex Mather had the opportunity to collaborate with some of Nashville's most sought-after musicians and producers on "The Long Way Home". Working alongside industry veterans such as Jimmy Ritchey, Charlie Judge, Jimmy Lee Sloas, Shannon Forrest, B James, Mark Hill, and Sol Philcox has been an incredible experience for Alex. Reflecting on this collaboration, Alex shared, "It's a surreal experience collaborating with my musical heroes. These guys are legends, having contributed to the creation of timeless masterpieces, spanning from the iconic works such as Alan Jackson and Keith Urban to some of today’s greats like Morgan Wallen and Luke Combs. Having them on our team, shaping our record, is an incredible blessing."

The highly anticipated single, "By My Side," is live on all platforms, along with its accompanying official music video. Directed by the renowned Nashville director Randy Shaffer, the video promises to be a visual treat for Alex's fans and music enthusiasts worldwide. Randy Shaffer expressed his excitement, stating, "I am beyond excited to unveil the 'By My Side' music video to

Alex's dedicated fans and the global audience. Being a part of this project has been an absolute joy, and I firmly believe it injects an abundance of infectious fun into the song. In a world that can always benefit from more joy, this video is a true celebration!"

In support of his latest releases, Alex Mather gears up for his Australian tour, commencing in Sydney on August 19th, 2023, and followed by an exciting lineup of shows in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, before heading to the US. As After Platinum and Alex Mather continue to push boundaries and explore new horizons, this collaboration promises to be a remarkable journey in country music. Be sure to catch the new release, “By My Side” and the official music video as Alex Mather's star continues to rise.